Before a Home Renovation, Check Out These Brilliant Ideas for Saving Space

Innovative Space-Saving Tips Everyone Must See Before Remodeling

Wait a minute, if you’ve decided you want to renovate your house. The following clever space-saving ideas are something you’re going to need to read before you put down the wrecking ball. Whether you use storage solutions or simple lighting hacks, these home renovation must-haves help you maximize your efforts and investment. Ready, set, call your contractors.

Utilize the Cabinet Space

Installation of large sliding drawers in your cabinets can free some space from countertops. Keep your trashbin, cooking items, and wine in the cabinet outside your kitchen apart from your home appliances. The trash will be out of sight; more so the entire room will appear clean.

Make Your Eat-In Kitchen Unique

An eat-in kitchen may have a built-in banquet or bench that serves to dine. If you select something sophisticated, it will take the little dining nook in the kitchen to the level of a formal dining room. Additionally, if you customize it for your space taking scalability into account then the size and shape will not seem too bulky. You may also opt for the floating shelves. Hang on these and display your décor to show off your small but mighty personal style.

Create Shelves in the Wall

This means that you do not have to put an etagere or a bulky armoire on the floors if you decide to build your shelving into the walls. This will allow you to make use of that additional square footage with bold pieces of furniture. So do not worry if you think that with one less furniture item, you’ll have less space to showcase your flair.

Forgo Doors In the Bathroom

As for the small bathroom, if you’re planning on a renovation and would like to give an impression of a large room, use the same floor tiles throughout; then your shower will blend with the room seamlessly and there won’t be visible edges. You can also use a glass sheet in place of a shower door or step to prevent spillages.

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